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Engaging HBCUs: How to Think About Your Next Campaign Strategy


In 2020, due to the spark ignited by the senseless slayings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, we saw global movement towards causes focusing on Black America. One of the main staples in that call-to-action: more support for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Madison Avenue paid attention and seized the opportunity to show their allegiance to the community. At the very least, brands were aware that HBCUs were and have always been one of the pillars of Black culture and that engaging with this target audience could tap into 1.6 trillion dollars of Black spending power.  HBCUs = The…

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How Brands Can Maximize Their Relationship with Black Women Creators


The power of influencer marketing is on the rise, and the impact and need for Black women creators is undeniable. Their unique ways of storytelling are changing how the world experiences culture, humanity and products across countless industries.   Multicultural creators provide guidance and direction for influencers across the board, but it is Black women creators who are changing the prism of social media marketing. Ultimately, they help companies by driving purchasing decisions among women of color by being strategic in showcasing how brands are relatable and beneficial to their community. From Do-it-Yourself videos to long-form lifestyle content, their unique…

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Honoring Juneteenth in Marketing

For marketers, the commemoration of Juneteenth should not be approached as just another opportunity to push products to Black Americans. In actuality, it should be used as an opportunity for brands to learn and engage with their Black consumers who have supported them for years. It’s an opportunity for brands to address and learn more about issues of inequality and exclusion, so when they do begin to build messaging around events like Juneteenth, it’s aligned and authentic. Why is Juneteenth So Important? The Black Lives Matter movement re-emerged in 2020 as a social justice force with immense transformational power, thus…

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