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Why Smart Home Tech Brands Should Focus on Multicultural Advertising


Smart home technology has become a fast-rising sector, predicted to be a part of daily lives for nearly half of U.S. households by 2025. After nearly two years of pandemic lockdowns that shifted communication from human to virtual, we are seeing an even greater amount of interest in the sector than many could’ve ever predicted. Improving the Language of Smart Home Tech The increased interest in smart home tech, partly due to the pandemic, has encouraged top electronic and smart home brands to agree on a new partnership to standardize cross-platform integration so people are able to integrate products regardless of platform compatibility. …

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How to Incorporate Diversity in Video Marketing


How to Incorporate Diversity in Video Marketing Currently, the issues of diversity and inclusion have taken center stage. Audiences do not feel represented in the media and want to see that brands give visibility and voice to minorities and groups from different backgrounds that have long been excluded. For example, respondents to the My Code Beyond Demographics report were clear that they seek more diversity in advertisements and brands to showcase a genuine understanding of their needs and passions in their marketing efforts and strategies, including video. Brands Turn To Inclusive Marketing Practices Audience demands for more diverse marketing have…

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When It Comes to Film and Television, Multicultural Audiences Want Representation On- and Off-screen

Today, multicultural audiences have an increasing influence on how mainstream films and television shows are created and shaped.  Future success in the United States entertainment business is dependent not just on which tales are told, but also on how these stories are developed and who is engaged – from concept through execution, promotion, and distribution. There are early signs of a change in the tide of popular culture production, and more authentic multicultural narratives and characters are becoming part of the broader mainstream.  Representation in Hollywood Is Facing a Moment of Truth Even though the United States is a multicultural…

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Reaching Multicultural Audiences In Mental Health Campaigns

Before the pandemic, the United States was in the grip of a mental health crisis of unprecedented levels. In 2019, 50 million people in the US experienced mental illness, which is nearly 20 percent of the population. Suicidal ideation had just experienced its most significant yearly increase.  Experts say that the last two years of COVID-19 trauma have only made this worse. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), not only has the pandemic increased the need for mental health services, it has disrupted treatment at the same time. This leaves those in need in worse shape than before, with…

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Are Assumptions By Marketers Affecting the Growth of Consumer Segments in the Smart Home Market?

The adoption of new technologies by particular consumer segments can be misunderstood by marketers who hold preconceived notions of what buyers want and can afford. These assumptions are based on demographic factors such as ethnicity, age, homeownership status, affluence, and place of residence. However, market behavior is not always logical or determined by cold, hard data. The 2022 report Smart Home Tech: An Opportunity for Growth Lies in Multicultural Consumers sheds light on this fundamental market segment’s needs and wants in the United States. What is smart home technology? Smart home technology comprises a domestic infrastructure of wireless and hardwired systems…

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How The Industry Is Responding To The Influencer Pay Gap

Today, global influencer culture generates profits in the billions of dollars per year (including a staggering $13.8 billion in 2021) as brands seek to associate themselves with aspirational role models that sell an idea of spontaneity and authenticity. Over the past few years, influencers have become professionalized, and the most successful ones are managed by agencies that take a commission for connecting them with clients. This is a new industry and legislation, including anti-discrimination rules, is yet to be fully drawn in most jurisdictions. In the United States, the multicultural workforce faces clear disadvantages already, and an unregulated influencer market could…

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