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Analyzing Holiday Shopping Trends Among Multicultural Consumers


The holiday shopping season is one of the busiest times of the year for brands and retailers. When crafting a strategy to reach bigger audiences and drive sales, marketers need to understand that not all consumers are the same. Brands need to keep multicultural perspectives and cultural approaches regarding holiday shopping in mind to convert consumers across broader demographics into purchasers. For the past two years, My Code’s Intelligence Center has analyzed the behavior and purchase intentions of diverse holiday shoppers so that brands can effectively reach these segments. Early Shopping Trends According to Intelligence Center’s annual Holiday Gift Shopping…

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How Diverse Teams Lead to Better Marketing Practices


How Diverse Teams Lead to Better Marketing Practices Building a diverse workforce is essential to establish a brand that employees want to be a part of and consumers want to support. Companies with an inclusive culture have a wider range of perspectives and ideas to engage a greater number of audiences. However, most organizations aren’t currently meeting this goal. According to Intelligence Center’s Multicultural Consumer Fact Pack, only 4-in-10 multicultural adults feel companies and brands understand them very well, on average. Developing long-term inclusivity in your company’s early stages can create a solid foundation that will bring significant benefits to…

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Bringing Smart Health Wellness Tech to Multicultural Consumers

Smart Health

The smart health and wellness tech sectors were already on the rise before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Since then, brands have seen a surge in purchases for products and services like telehealth and wearable monitoring devices. With demand increasing for digital-first health experiences, tech brands have the opportunity to engage more consumers than ever before. Below, we share several ways marketers can improve their advertising strategies to reach underserved multicultural consumers in the evolving healthcare landscape.  Multicultural Americans Are More Focused On Their Health Than the Average American Intelligence Center’s Health and Wellness Tech Report found…

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How to Plan a Strategy for Multicultural Buyers This Holiday Season


Intelligence Center’s 2022 Holiday Retail Shopping Study reveals that just under 9-in-10 multicultural consumers plan on shopping at all this year, which is significantly lower than 2021. With many citing money as the reason why they will not partake in holiday gift-giving in 2022, it is clear that marketers must make every multicultural consumer interaction count in the coming months.  Advertisers must seek ways to stand out and resonate more authentically with diverse audiences. Old-fashioned campaigns with one-size-fits-all creative and messaging strategies should be seen as a thing of the past, and marketing plans must strive for greater cultural representation…

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4 Ways to Build a Diverse Marketing Strategy


The United States is a multiracial, multicultural country, and the advertising industry needs to reflect these changing demographics. Media platforms like My Code help brands express authentic diversity through insights, cultural understanding, and creativity to improve their advertising strategy. Consider four takeaways on achieving a genuine representation of diversity in marketing.  1. Talk to and about specific cultural groups and avoid generalizations  Nothing can alienate a multicultural audience more than ignoring cultural specificity. When designing a marketing or communication strategy, using umbrella terms such as Hispanic, Latino, Asian or Black can sometimes lead to harmful stereotypes and generalizations. For example,…

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How to Reflect Diversity In Your Visual Marketing


We have all heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” However, when it comes to representation in marketing, images may not tell the whole story.  Many companies neglect to consider diversity in their imagery, preventing them from connecting with potential clients and customers. Because our mission at My Code is to reshape the future of media to ensure authentic representation for everyone, we put together this post to show your brand how to be more inclusive through visual marketing.  What does diversity in images mean? If you are lacking diversity in your images, it’s probably not your…

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How Multicultural Households Are Shifting the Automotive Landscape


According to the latest research from My Code’s Intelligence Center on the automotive landscape, 9-in-10 multicultural households have at least one vehicle, which mirrors the overall rate of car ownership in the United States. Still, there are some critical nuances among the Hispanic, Black and Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI)  communities that auto manufacturers should understand to connect with these audience segments.  Multicultural Consumers Tend to Lease Vehicles at Higher Rates One of the most striking differences between the multicultural and other U.S. markets is a lower rate of owning vehicles (68 percent vs 75 percent). Our research found that…

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Why Smart Home Tech Brands Should Focus on Multicultural Advertising


Smart home technology has become a fast-rising sector, predicted to be a part of daily lives for nearly half of U.S. households by 2025. After nearly two years of pandemic lockdowns that shifted communication from human to virtual, we are seeing an even greater amount of interest in the sector than many could’ve ever predicted. Improving the Language of Smart Home Tech The increased interest in smart home tech, partly due to the pandemic, has encouraged top electronic and smart home brands to agree on a new partnership to standardize cross-platform integration so people are able to integrate products regardless of platform compatibility. …

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How to Incorporate Diversity in Video Marketing


How to Incorporate Diversity in Video Marketing Currently, the issues of diversity and inclusion have taken center stage. Audiences do not feel represented in the media and want to see that brands give visibility and voice to minorities and groups from different backgrounds that have long been excluded. For example, respondents to the My Code Beyond Demographics report were clear that they seek more diversity in advertisements and brands to showcase a genuine understanding of their needs and passions in their marketing efforts and strategies, including video. Brands Turn To Inclusive Marketing Practices Audience demands for more diverse marketing have…

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When It Comes to Film and Television, Multicultural Audiences Want Representation On- and Off-screen

Today, multicultural audiences have an increasing influence on how mainstream films and television shows are created and shaped.  Future success in the United States entertainment business is dependent not just on which tales are told, but also on how these stories are developed and who is engaged – from concept through execution, promotion, and distribution. There are early signs of a change in the tide of popular culture production, and more authentic multicultural narratives and characters are becoming part of the broader mainstream.  Representation in Hollywood Is Facing a Moment of Truth Even though the United States is a multicultural…

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