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As the largest and fastest-growing multicultural population in the country, the Hispanic audience has a significant influence on the economy. According to the World Bank, their purchasing power in the U.S. was at $1.9 trillion as of 2020, with potential to increase to $2.6 trillion over the next three years.

Despite the rise of the Hispanic population, many brands still fail to connect well with is audience. Less than half of the Hispanic adults surveyed by My Code’s Intelligence Center feel understood by brands and the 2022 Hispanic Consumer Fact Pack revealed that there is a heightened desire to relate to people featured in advertisements among them. Our data went on to show that advertisements that authentically depict cultural creative elements that convey a deep understanding of the Hispanic community can be more compelling and impactful. As a result, brands miss out on a huge market opportunity by not knowing how to engage with this rapidly growing and diverse segment.

Creating Better Marketing for Hispanic Audiences

Marketers need to see beyond demographics and understand the nuances of Hispanic audiences to create messages and campaigns that truly speak to them authentically and make a connection.

They are a young generation.

According to the Pew Research Center in the U.S., 35% of Hispanics are younger than 18 years of age, and 58% are younger than 34. But just 10% of the Hispanic Perception Study respondents accurately estimated how young the Hispanic community is in today’s population.

This lack of knowledge about the age of Hispanic audiences can result in bias and misinterpretations when carrying out campaigns focused on this segment. Advertisements need to reflect younger families and an understanding of youth culture, language and values to authentically engage with these savvy Gen Z and Millennial customers.

They are using the Internet more often.

Hispanic audiences are well connected and frequently use the Internet for communication and entertainment.

According to the 2022 Hispanic Consumer Fact Pack, 2-in-3 Hispanic adults are spending more time on the Internet versus a year ago. In addition, Hispanic TV audiences are 50% more likely to always be multi-screening compared to non-multicultural audiences. This presents an opportunity for marketers to use multi-screening to their advantage, either to increase their own exposure or conquest against competitors.

Hispanic podcast listeners are also more engaged and likely to hear brand messages. Monthly podcast consumption is 12% more likely among multicultural consumers, particularly among Black and Hispanic adults.

Meanwhile, 9-in-10 Hispanic adults are monthly social media users, while 8-in-10 are daily users. Therefore, brands that want to reach Hispanic audiences have to reinforce their efforts on social networks by creating campaigns and content specially designed for them.

They use language differently.

When it comes to reaching Hispanic audiences, you might think it is best to use the Spanish language. But the truth is that Hispanics tend to combine and transition between Spanish and English in their daily lives.

The combination of Spanish and English, or Spanglish as it is known, is in the form of language with which Hispanic audiences most identify. Although Spanglish is technically not an official language anywhere, its use is growing more and more. Spanish Academy estimates that around 40 million people use it in the U.S.

Brands must incorporate Hispanic marketing to ensure long-term growth.

Hispanic audiences are transforming demographics and culture, while contributing extensively to the economy. However, there is still little marketing focus on these consumers despite their increasing prominence.

Brands must incorporate Hispanic marketing practices into their core business to create relevant messages that consider cultural diversity and correctly represent the community to guarantee long-term growth.

Hispanic consumers have unique cultural backgrounds and values that must be considered when creating advertising campaigns. Brands must use data, research, and insights to understand these audiences and create campaigns that appeal to their cultural nuances.

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