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Did you know that 82% of multicultural adults have gone to see a movie in theaters at least once in the past year, with 80% planning to see a movie in the next year? Multicultural moviegoers are also 20% more likely to show up to the cinema on opening weekend. According to the 2023 Multicultural Entertainment Report, multicultural audiences are leading cinema’s post-lockdown rebound, with AANHPI and Hispanic audiences showing up in strongest turnout. Yet only 34% of multicultural adults feel understood by the U.S. entertainment industry.

With the comeback of wide-release movies since lockdown and the popularity of video streaming, this year’s My Code Intelligence Center Multicultural Entertainment report was developed to uncover the behaviors and insights of multicultural movie and TV audiences, equipping marketers with data and insights to enrich the diverse entertainment consumer landscape with the challenges of the current economic environment.



Entertainment industry advertising that leaves multicultural viewers feeling understood and represented by the advertiser is significantly more likely to positively impact their consideration or purchase behaviors.

  • 79% of multicultural adults want more entertainment industry advertising created with them in mind, meaning that studios must express this understanding and representation before and during the development of content.
  • Multicultural viewers continue to say that American TV shows and movies should have more diversity not only in front of the camera, but also behind the camera as well. Behind-the-scenes representation can lead to more authentic character development and allow multicultural viewers to better relate to characters through similar life experiences.



Diverse audiences are a driving force in the entertainment industry – even with the challenges the current economy is facing, entertainment continues to be recession-resistant. In fact, multicultural audiences have been propelling cinema attendance numbers since theaters reopened post-lockdown, and are 20% more likely to drive box office opening weekend sales than non-multicultural audiences.

Streaming services can also rely on their multicultural consumers, as 85% say they are open to signing up for a new streaming service in the next 6 months and less likely to cancel a new streaming service than non-multicultural consumers.



Multicultural audiences are an increasingly influential source of strength and opportunity for the entertainment industry, and marketers must continue to further understand and connect with these audiences by creating more representation both on and off camera. Through streaming platforms and the cinema, this consumer base is a driving force and should feel understood by the media they view.

Download the full 2023 Multicultural Entertainment Report to arm your team with key data points and gain a core understanding of how to effectively generate programs, strategies, and campaigns that are more likely to have an impact on consumers.