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When marketing to Black consumers, it is important to prioritize authentic brand experiences and steer clear from transactional ones. Successful brands build and nurture customer loyalty by developing insights-driven media campaigns and fostering sponsorships that express their shared values to current or prospective customers. 

But after several challenging years of a global pandemic, socioeconomic shocks and social justice events including the protests surrounding the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, have audience values shifted? What must brands do to win the hearts of most Black consumers?

To help marketers create deeper and more rewarding connections with Black consumers, we’re sharing insights gathered by Intelligence Center’s The Power of Values-Driven Marketing to Black Consumers white paper.

Should brands focus on evolving Black consumer attitudes?

Absolutely! Black consumers cannot be considered or marketed to as a monolith and their attitudes continue to evolve rapidly as societal and economic factors impact the audience in various ways. Plus, their commitment to brands is unmatched: 

According to Intelligence Center, 66% of Black consumers feel proud to associate themselves with purpose-driven brands. Additionally, brands that live up to their promises and demonstrate relevancy can positively reach 83% of the targetable audience of Black consumers.

Marketers should not expect Black consumers to march in lockstep about politics, purchases, identity, or cultural preferences. Nearly half of the Black consumers surveyed say they don’t understand many companies’ true brand purpose. Today, Black consumers still want to feel valued and understood.

It’s important for marketers to keep in mind that brand inaction speaks just as loudly as action to Black consumers. The results from Intelligence Center’s study show that Black consumers are increasingly exerting the power of their wallets and demonstrate a willingness to pivot when brands fail to meet their evolving expectations. Amid prolonged economic and social uncertainty, Black consumers’ economic power remains significant.

Opportunity for Reach & Resonance is Great

Intelligence Center reports that there are 13 factors that present challenges for brands. Among those factors, five have been shown to have the potential for the highest incremental reach. 

It is recommended that brands place emphasis in the following:

  1. Be honest messaging about brand promises
  2. Provide truthfulness about social issues
  3. Display relevance to the consumer’s life
  4. Genuinely hope for a positive outcome
  5. Deliver brand promises

The study also shows that nearly three in four (74%) say they support brands/companies with a believable brand purpose.

To nurture ongoing authentic connections, advertisers should lean into solution-based tactics that lead with cultural data insights, community partnerships and year-long engagement. Marketing during Black History Month, Juneteenth, Black Music Month and HBCU Homecoming is important, but it is critical that the intent to market to Black consumers doesn’t end once those days are over.

B Code empowers brands and provides them with the right tools and resources to deliver meaningful and culturally nuanced messaging for Black consumers backed by proprietary data intelligence. Click here to download the full report on The Power of Values-Driven Marketing to Black Consumers.