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Entertainment Writer

By July 27, 2022No Comments


Miami, Florida, United States


3 Year


We are looking for a writer to join our La Opinión Entertainment team. This is a dynamic, prolific team of storytellers that creates engaging content for a global audience of millions each month. La Opinión Entertainment aims to deliver timely, essential news about the television, movies, and music industries that shape and reflect our culture.

As a writer on La Opinión’s entertainment team, you will be a daily contributor to coverage ranging from breaking celebrity news, to streaming recaps, to live awards show coverage and features.

Some days will be filled with breaking news writes and updates, while others may involve contributing to newsletters, writing features, or contributing to live event coverage. This role will require some weekend and evening hours.

This digital writer position is focused on daily coverage of celebrities, Latino and mainstream, with strong focus on the celebrities that are followed by the Hispanic audience in the US. In order to achieve that, the candidate needs to have a clear understanding of the most popular celebrities and events, track their lives in social media, television and other outlets. That knowledge should be leveraged by data tracking tools, internal and external, in order to maximize the efficiency of the celebrity coverage and drive traffic and engagement for La Opinión.

The ideal candidate should have a strong grammar and headline writing skills in Spanish. Digital writers create news content in a variety of formats (text, photo, video) to be distributed on several platforms along mobile, web, social networks, etc.

Digital writers have to be able to propose, plan, cover and report content and news, and have the ability to manage real-time news coverage as well as develop in-depth pieces like features and interviews. They have the responsibility to manage their sources and content. They have to propose a news planning agenda to their editors and collaborate with fresh and original content.

Candidates must have a strong track record in digital platforms, along with the ability to identify trends on the web and with a deep knowledge in SEO best practices. A competitive, collaborative spirit and skills to develop social media content for our audience is needed.

The candidate has to be proficient in analytics platforms such as Google Analytics to be able to track performance and program accordingly.

Responsibilities include:

  • Work quickly and efficiently to identify, write, edit and publish entertainment and celebrities content that gets clicks on the homepage, is picked up by search engines, and drives traffic through social media.
  • Monitor social media, develop sources to help break stories.
  • Write, edit and publish breaking news in a high-pressure, open newsroom, making necessary calls to PR, law enforcement, and attorneys on fast-breaking stories.
  • Write compelling SEO-friendly headlines and select images that will appear across our platforms.
  • Report and write multiple topical daily news pieces, with accuracy, speed, and voice
  • Pivot from writing breaking news to features and back again
  • Generate topical story ideas on the entertainment beat from trending shows and personalities to cultural moments that may be capturing the world’s attention
  • Work collaboratively with editors and other reporters to spot and cover all things entertainment for a global audience, working afternoons and some weekend hours

Required Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of proven writing/reporting experience in Spanish.
  • Ability to write in a clear, accurate and conversational manner
  • Strong news judgment
  • Expertise and a keen awareness of all things entertainment, especially film, television, pop culture, and music. Awareness and appreciation for theater, gaming, and/or social media personalities are a plus
  • A reporter who is sourced in the entertainment industry is a plus
  • Comprehensive knowledge of today’s entertainment and celebrity landscape
  • Ability to be flexible and can work on some holidays as needed; possess an “on-call” mentality and be prepared to work under emergency or breaking news conditions
  • Experience and ability working across CMS platforms
  • Must be able to write under deadline pressure
  • A collaborative and cooperative spirit when working with editors and fellow writers
  • Ability to work in a 24/7 breaking news environment.

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