Translating Culture for Brands and Agencies

The world is increasingly intersectional, and the US is on the brink of becoming a majority-diverse country – more than half of GenZ identify as an ethnicity other than White, and younger generations skew even more diverse. Mainstream US culture has always been, and continues to be, fueled by the art, language, and traditions of vibrant and diverse communities – and, more than ever, brands are working to deepen connection and affinity with these diverse communities driving growth. As brands strive to make a greater impact on diverse customers, they must showcase an understanding of their unique cultures in order to connect on a deeper level.

As cultural insiders, we’ve created a model that marries our personal lived experiences with first-party data, culturally nuanced insights, custom creative, community-centric media properties and unmatched distribution. Together, our approach helps brands stay relevant in the eyes of America’s fastest growing, most influential communities.


Founded in 2015 and now a division of My Code, H Code has solidified its place as the largest Hispanic digital media company in the United States. Committed to reaching Hispanic audiences at scale, H Code strives to leverage its learnings, brand equity, and expertise to shape the future of media by building a diverse company and unlocking multicultural audiences for brands through data and authentic creative and content.


B Codeʼs mission is to empower brands with the tools and resources to deliver impactful & culturally-nuanced messaging for Black consumers. Our constantly evolving cultural insights and expertise, combined with the dynamic reach of our premium Black-owned publishers network, ensures that your brand’s message is efficiently delivered to the audience you need.


A Code is the digital media solutions platform for brands to deliver authentic and nuanced messaging and content to the AANHPI community. Our unity of proprietary data intelligence, custom creative, audience reach, and multicultural expertise allows brands to effectively engage with the fastest growing and most diverse consumer in the United States.


W Code is the digital media solutions platform for brands to deliver authentic messaging and content to the female audience across a diverse publisher network, our O&O properties, and female-led influencer content. Leveraging our proprietary data through our Intelligence Center, custom creative, and multicultural expertise, brands can now engage authentically with the multicultural female consumer, which is inclusive of anyone who identifies as a female such as mothers, transgender women, etc.

Pride Code celebrates the power of love. This year we’re putting the focus on love and showcasing the broad spectrum of love in the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond – from romantic and family relationships, to the power of community and friendships, and ultimately spotlighting self love and the joy in it. Brands can authentically connect with LQBTQIA+ and ally audiences through custom content, turnkey activations, integrated partnerships with publishers and talent, and media products and distribution.

Join us, and revolutionize your diverse marketing strategy.