Solutions For Strong Brand Impact


Our Intelligence Center generates, proactively collects, and assembles market and digital media insights about multicultural consumer audiences to power leading brands’ businesses.


Along with its proprietary first-party data, My Code offers a complete suite of robust advertising solutions that allow brands and advertisers to reach diverse audiences with high-impact media across Audio, CTV, Video, and Display.


A diverse team of storytellers from My Code STUDIO develops robust custom creative solutions and branded content informed by data that effectively reach and engage with multicultural audiences across Audio, CTV, Video, High-Impact Display, and more.

Insights with Purpose

Our goal is to arm marketers with culturally nuanced intelligence to better reach, understand, and connect with multicultural consumers.

interviews in 2022
of data points describing these audiences over past 7 years

Reach More Audiences with My Code Ads

A complete suite of robust advertising solutions that allow brands and advertisers to reach diverse audiences with high-impact media units across Audio, CTV, Video, and Display and leveraging 1-party datasets. Our high-performing media inventory across demographics is available via direct or programmatic buying.

Ad Formats:

  • Cross-Device High-Impact Adhesions
  • Interstitials
  • Scrollers
  • Sidekicks
  • Skins
  • Shoppable
  • Content Amplification
  • Acquisition
  • Audio
  • Interactive Video
  • CTV
  • Takeovers
  • Custom Ads

Driving Strong Impact For Your Brand

With measurable impact, My Code has proven to be the best multicultural platform to reach diverse audiences in the U.S. No other media company offers true multicultural media at scale powered by intelligence and culturally nuanced content.

Brand Lift*

brand awareness
brand affinity
purchase intent

Video and High-Impact Ads

  • Our VCR benchmarks exceed industry standards by 1.04x to 1.09x, with averages from 73% to 76%.
  • Our High-Impact Ad offerings exceed standard display benchmarks by 10x to 30x, with CTRs ranging from 1% to 3%.

*Source: Intelligence Center from My Code Brand Lift Studies FY 2021; Brand Affinity and Purchase Intent reflect average Top Box scores out of a five point scale.

Content Studio

Powered by talented and diverse storytellers, My Code STUDIO elevates the standard of branded content targeted to multicultural and diverse audiences through meaningful and culturally relevant creative, strategic distribution, innovative formats, and most importantly, representation of these communities in front and behind the screen.

Studio Solutions Include:

  • Award-winning branded creative
  • Turnkey content solutions
  • Custom sponsored editorial and social content in partnership with diverse-owned publishers
  • Custom content hubs and site takeovers
  • Experiential and virtual events
  • Custom branded merchandise
  • Full scouting and talent management

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