The 2024 presidential race is much closer than we think. It’s important to take this time to understand what will motivate multicultural voters to turn out in November 2024. The country faces a period of unprecedented turmoil, but by focusing on the core values and priority issues of diverse populations, we can better understand how to reach these communities.
The path to gaining their votes requires Democratic and Republican candidates alike to gain their trust and support. As apathy toward the political system increases, politicians must do more to deeply understand diverse populations and champion their causes through words and actions. Candidates hoping to represent multicultural voters must establish meaningful connections to garner their trust and support in November 2024.

  • Roughly 7-in-10 registered voters are planning to vote in the November 2024 elections
  • Nearly 7-in-10 diverse and multicultural Americans are dissatisfied with the government’s handling of the recent gun violence and price inflation
  • 6-in-10 diverse and multicultural Americans believe that the U.S. government needs to reform the Supreme Court of the United States
  • 6-in-10 diverse and multicultural Americans would vote for politicians that support U.S. Supreme Court reform policies
  • Over half of diverse and multicultural Americans would vote for politicians that support policy reform for drawing district lines and setting term limits and age restrictions for elected officials
Intelligence Center from My Code™ has developed this report to highlight how political actors can deepen relationships with diverse voters by understanding how cultural nuances inform their political attitudes and behaviors.