Increase Your Inventory Potential Revenue

By partnering with My Code, publishers can gain more value with their multicultural audiences. Our direct media sales team and proprietary technology stack help to drive unique revenue via direct IO campaigns, PMP/PG, and programmatic methods.

Proprietary + Premium Monetization

  • Large media sales team with direct relationships with leading-consumer brands and ad agencies
  • Directly sourced IO based campaigns
  • Premium programmatic solutions: 50+ PMPs, PGs
  • Partnerships with all major SSP/DSP platforms
  • Cross-platform monetization capabilities (Digital, Video, Display, Native, Audio, CTV)

Innovative Ad Tech

  • Proprietary high impact ad units specifically built for brand advertisers
  • Proprietary video player that garners high video CPMs
  • Pre-bid solutions
  • Yield/optimization services
  • Robust data insights and targeting capabilities allow us to bring you incremental value
  • Ad quality and traffic security with MOAT, IAS, Forensiq

Flexible Integrations

  • Tag-based or full ad stack management with our proprietary pre-bid solution


  • Dedicated account managers
  • Proprietary reporting dashboard
  • Favorable payment terms

Integrated Media Opportunities

  • Branded content
  • Social promotions
  • Sponsored editorial
  • Influencers
  • Custom ad units

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