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Updates on the latest topics and trends in multicultural marketing.

Are Assumptions By Marketers Affecting the Growth of Consumer Segments in the Smart Home Market?

The adoption of new technologies by particular consumer segments can be misunderstood by marketers who hold preconceived notions of what buyers want and can afford. These assumptions are based on demographic factors such as ethnicity, age, homeownership status, affluence, and place of residence. However, market behavior is not always logical or determined by cold, hard data. The 2022 report Smart Home Tech: An Opportunity for Growth Lies in Multicultural Consumers sheds light on this fundamental market segment’s needs and wants in the United States. What is smart home technology? Smart home technology comprises a domestic infrastructure of wireless and hardwired systems…

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Today, global influencer culture generates profits in the billions of dollars per year (including a staggering $13.8 billion in 2021) as brands seek to associate themselves with aspirational role models that sell an idea of spontaneity and authenticity. Over the past few years, influencers have become professionalized, and the most successful ones are managed by agencies that take a commission for connecting them with clients. This is a new industry and legislation, including anti-discrimination rules, is yet to be fully drawn in most jurisdictions. In the United States, the multicultural workforce faces clear disadvantages already, and an unregulated influencer market could…

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The Importance of Doing LGBTQ+ Marketing Right the First Time

Here at My Code, we have decoded the multi-layered and nuanced LGBTQ+ marketing arena because, first and foremost, we are part of it. We employ and partner with LGBTQ+ creators, professionals, and clients to create authentic and relevant materials that not only drive up numbers, but drive forward the march to full equality. We are glad you are here to help. All allies are appreciated. To show our thanks, we would like to share our top tips for doing LGBTQ+ marketing right the first time. Why Marketing Diversity Matters Marketing efforts designed to reach and include the LGBTQ+ community are becoming…

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Pride Month is Here And We Are Launching Pride Code to Celebrate

June is upon us, and we are feeling fabulous. Time to break out the rainbow flags and the champagne and celebrate the long road that has got us here and the long road that still lies before us. Because My Code is at the forefront of bringing diverse audiences to traditional media campaigns in innovative and inclusive ways, we are proud to announce the launch of Pride Code. Pride Code is Inclusive Marketing for the LGBTQ+ Community Just as My Code connects and raises the voice of minority-led publishers and creators within the multicultural marketing landscape, Pride Code will focus…

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Honoring Juneteenth in Marketing

For marketers, the commemoration of Juneteenth should not be approached as just another opportunity to push products to Black Americans. In actuality, it should be used as an opportunity for brands to learn and engage with their Black consumers who have supported them for years. It’s an opportunity for brands to address and learn more about issues of inequality and exclusion, so when they do begin to build messaging around events like Juneteenth, it’s aligned and authentic. Why is Juneteenth So Important? The Black Lives Matter movement re-emerged in 2020 as a social justice force with immense transformational power, thus…

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