GMC's Multi-Year Campaign

Real Stories That Inspire Connection and Redefine Perception

In the realm of marketing and advertising, capturing the essence of a brand and resonating with the target audience is of paramount importance.

Leyendas by GMC, the multi-year campaign by GMC, goes beyond conventional advertising norms by showcasing genuine stories that challenge cultural stereotypes and address the unique needs of Hispanic vehicle intenders.

Recognizing that 70% of Hispanic vehicle intenders desire automotive industry advertising tailored to them, and that 75% of Hispanic vehicle intenders feel misunderstood by automotive industry brands, Leyendas by GMC aims to foster connections and a sense of belonging. Join us as we delve into the emotional moments on set, triumphing over logistical challenges, client satisfaction, and the exciting plans for future campaign extensions that redefine perceptions of masculinity and highlight the capabilities of GMC.

Creating a Narrative Framework, Sourcing Authentic Stories and Celebrating Diversity

When it comes to storytelling, having a clear direction is essential. “Establishing a skeleton or framework to guide the team’s efforts is important,” said Catalina Farias, Director of Branded Content at My Code. By defining key insights and outlining the desired message, My Code aimed to shape a narrative that truly resonates with their audience.

The process of finding the right talent for the campaign involved extensive research and collaboration within the creative team. Mariah Picou, Creative Manager at My Code explains,

“We actively sought individuals with authentic stories that align with the campaign’s message. Our aim was to represent a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, ultimately striving for genuine and relatable storytelling. By prioritizing authenticity and diversity, Leyendas fosters a stronger connection with the audience, allowing them to see themselves reflected in the stories being told.”

The Power of Voiceover and Inspiration

Fox Mederos, My Code’s Creative Strategist and an integral part of the campaign’s execution, provided insights into his approach to the voiceover aspect. “Inspired by Latino cultural influences, we aimed to speak to the shared values for the Latino community, specifically showcasing legacy, personal growth, family, community spirit, and resilience,” stated Fox. Fox’s expertise in spoken word poetry, combined with the team’s vision, laid the foundation for a powerful campaign.

Forging Emotional Bonds and Embracing Change

One poignant moment during the campaign’s production involved Charro Azteca, whose iconic charro suits and horsemanship embody his heritage. The presence of three generations—Charro Azteca, his father, and his son—created a profound connection on set.

“The team captured heartwarming scenes of the father and son sharing a kiss. This powerful display shattered stereotypes and portrayed real nuances from men within the community that are usually not represented in media,” said Mariah.

Opportunities for the Next Generation

Equally inspiring was the inclusion of Charro Azteca’s son in the production. Mariah Picou explains the significance of providing younger generations with opportunities that previous generations might not have had.

“By actively involving Charro Azteca’s son behind the scenes, allowing him to participate in the crew, the campaign symbolized growth and evolution. It sends a powerful message that personal and professional development opportunities are expanding within the community,” said Mariah.

Maintaining Cultural Authenticity

Throughout the campaign’s evolution, it was crucial to stay true to the core values and narrative. “Oftentimes, creative teams are tempted to deviate from the original concept in search of something new,” stated Catalina. “But we were determined to preserve the essence of the campaign.”

“During our initial iteration, we honed in on the values that deeply resonated with the target audience,” continued Catalina. “This process helped solidify our narrative and establish a genuine and relatable representation of the enduring bond between GMC trucks and the Latino community, which was accomplished by the dedicated efforts of the My Code team.”

Leyendas Evolution

Evolving a campaign into a brand’s intellectual property is crucial when it demonstrates powerful impact during the proof of concept phase. In the case of Leyendas by GMC, the campaign delved deeper into the talent’s stories and diversified the portfolio while maintaining the core essence.

“The evolution of the campaign has been remarkable,” said Mariah Picou. “The inclusion of female talent for example, has been a significant departure from the traditional portrayal of men in truck advertisements.” Additionally, she celebrates the groundbreaking achievement of featuring the first Puerto Rican woman set to venture into outer space.

The campaign’s evolution also introduced Q&A and behind- the-scenes videos, which deeply resonated with the audience, fostering stronger connections. By portraying the personal lives and stories of the talents, Leyendas strikes a chord with viewers, allowing them to see themselves in the stories being told.

Attention It Deserves

Leyendas by GMC received award nominations from the prestigious OMMA Awards, Campaign Live BIG Awards and The Drum for Marketing Awards. We look forward to what’s next for GMC and their vehicles.