Travel industry brands will have to operate with a deeper understanding of increasingly diverse U.S. travel consumers to successfully win their business in an exceptionally competitive environment. In other words, leaning into one-size-fits-all approaches will result in missed opportunities to connect with, convince, and convert AANHPI, Black, Hispanic, and openly LGBTQIA+ travelers in 2023.

  • 76%+ of all U.S. adults plan to travel at least once this year, up from 45%+ in 2022
  • 70%+ of Hispanic and openly LGBTQIA+ travelers tend to extend business trips to include personal travel
  • 67% of openly LGBTQIA+ travelers feel understood by travel brands, but less than 50% of multicultural travelers feel that industry understands them

Intelligence Center from My Code™ has developed this report to provide additional support travel brands’ strategic development and execution for continued growth in 2023 and beyond. The insights within this report serve as a starting point and roadmap to help the travel industry embrace and execute culturally aligned marketing and advertising with confidence.