It’s a new year and the 2024 presidential election is in full swing. Though many are expecting a presidential rematch in November between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump - anything can happen in the upcoming presidential primaries beginning this month.

The results of this survey demonstrate a growing Independent force among multicultural voters. The path to gaining their votes will require candidates to establish meaningful connections to garner their trust and support in November. As apathy toward the political system increases, politicians must do more to deeply understand diverse populations and champion their causes through messaging and action.

  • Intent to Vote in 2024: More than 8-in-10 diverse voters are planning to vote in the November 2024 elections
  • 2024 Presidential Race: Joe Biden is the top choice among AANHPI (+8), Black (+17), and LGBTQIA+ (+21) voters. For Hispanic voters and Women voters, there is a tight race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has roughly 10% support from diverse voters and women
  • Issues Impacting Voters in 2024: Priorities vary, but economic concerns, gun control, and reproductive healthcare emerge as top issues impacting diverse and women voters in 2024
  • Impact of the Israel-Hamas Conflict: Half of diverse Americans and women believe the Israel and Hamas conflict will negatively impact global politics and the global economy, 1-in-3 state that it will negatively impact the 2024 U.S. Elections, and 1-in-4 believe it will negatively impact racial equality in the U.S.
Intelligence Center from My Code™ has developed this report to highlight how political actors can deepen relationships with diverse voters by understanding how cultural nuances inform their political attitudes and behaviors.