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How Political Advertisers Can Connect With Multicultural Women

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In 2022, conversations around U.S. women’s rights have reignited worldwide. The overturning of Roe v. Wade motivated activists to speak out against the ruling and inspired women across the country to get involved in political conversations, rejoin marches and run for elected positions.  The reaction to the reversal of the 1973 landmark decision showcased the important role voting plays in shaping the constitutional rights of women. While Supreme Court Justices are appointed at the presidential level, political advertisements targeting women can deeply impact local-level elections (down the ballot). These political campaigns should utilize voting data to better identify and leverage…

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Gender Equity in Marketing: Are We Making Progress?


Society is more diverse than ever. While many are familiar with gender identities like cisgender, transgender and nonbinary, there are dozens of additional gender identities. According to a 2021 study of 2,000 adults by Bigeye, half of Generation Z and 56% of Millennials think traditional gender roles and labels related to strictly “male” and “female” genders are outdated. Given these viewpoints, we tackle the question, “what does gender representation look like in the media?” In addition, we’ll examine the importance of gender-inclusion and the steps that could make representation in marketing more equitable.  How is gender equity defined? According to…

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Why B2B Marketers Need to Focus on Multicultural Female Entrepreneurs


For the past five decades, multicultural women have been driving forces in business and entrepreneurship. The United States Census Bureau only started including questions about women’s business ownership in 1972, when around 400,000 businesses were counted as having a female owner.  Throughout these years, a revolution has been brewing in all sectors of the U.S. economy. Multicultural women, in particular, have subverted gender norms and taken a more active role in managerial positions. This is something marketing firms need to understand.  They do it all. Given the changes in gender power dynamics in the economy, more women than ever are…

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