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How Diverse Teams Lead to Better Marketing Practices

Building a diverse workforce is essential to establish a brand that employees want to be a part of and consumers want to support. Companies with an inclusive culture have a wider range of perspectives and ideas to engage a greater number of audiences. However, most organizations aren’t currently meeting this goal.

According to Intelligence Center’s Multicultural Consumer Fact Pack, only 4-in-10 multicultural adults feel companies and brands understand them very well, on average.

Developing long-term inclusivity in your company’s early stages can create a solid foundation that will bring significant benefits to the brand. Below we share several ways how cultivating a diverse team can lead to better marketing practices.

Diverse Teams Equal Greater Audience Reach 

Brands should seek out qualified employees who represent and personally understand their target audience across all job functions. Having different cultures and backgrounds within the company makes it possible to reach a wider range of consumers and connect in a more meaningful way. 

From product development to creating social posts to building out large-scale advertising campaigns, having a more diverse team will help your brand consider the needs of different consumer segments and avoid making marketing blunders along the way. 

Multicultural Consumers Want Brands to Understand Them

To gain an understanding of the wide range of consumer experiences, companies have to set up a diverse team that can leverage cultural insights so that the needs of their target audiences are met.


Intelligence Center’s Multicultural Consumer Fact Pack states that 7-in-10 multicultural adults are more motivated to consider or purchase from brands when they feel understood. 

When growing your team, connect with groups that offer resources and support to develop more inclusive practices. Leverage studies, like Intelligence Center’s Fact Packs for AAPI, Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ+ and Multicultural Female Consumers, to better understand and engage with these demographics. In marketing collateral, use more universal language accompanied by diverse images that correctly represent the entire spectrum of audiences you want to serve. 

Inclusion in Your Brand’s Mission is a Must

By incorporating diversity and inclusion into your mission statement, companies show customers, vendors and employees that they are genuinely committed to ensuring their values are represented. We recommend getting started by creating a committee that meets regularly to discuss your brand’s internal policies and its front-facing messaging in the marketplace. By publicly showing your position on diversity and representation, you will be able to attract and retain more clients when they see articles and ads relating to your company.

Reach out to My Code for additional resources to build a more inclusive marketing strategy. We decode audiences so you can find the path that works best for your brand.